Enough With The Blame Game

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So, it a Thursday morning and I am at work reading News Papers. I always want to be up-to-date with current affairs in my country Uganda and all over the world. Politics interest me, and it always makes headlines. If you looked at today’s New Papers, you would see what I am saying.
These stories will either be good or bad, depending on a particular News Paper’s ideology or conception of the events. Yes, they take sides too; which is okay, don’t we all?
Speaking of taking sides, why do we always take our side? Why do we always blame our failures and all the mischief in this world on other people? Why are we always right and others wrong?
Sometimes I want to think it is instinct; that we are born with an inherent aspiration to choose our side over anyone else’s; that we are supposed to be our own defenders, at all material times and that we never go wrong in our own eyes, but is this so?
The world has very many problems right now; problems that affect each one of us, in one way or another, regardless of where we are. We are aware of this, but do we care? Or if we do, do we care enough?
I believe we will register milestone achievement in solving the world’s biggest problems if we all felt responsible for them in one way or the other. There is war, xenophobia, racism, terrorism, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, I could go on and on. Each one of us can do something that can or has the potential to positively bring change the world. Yes, all of us, in our
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