Enough is Enough

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Tobacco, once recreationally customary and signified one as being “cool” has done a substantial 180 degree turn. With the knowledge that came along with the 20th century also came the harsh truth that tobacco causes illness and disease. Recently the use of tobacco has been brought into our governments legislations and state laws prohibiting tobacco use in varies of ways. With designated smoking areas outside and in parks. No smoking in bars and restaurants many smokers are being victimized by a bad habit. With the FDA's new fickle regulations on all tobacco companies products, would it be adequate for the average consumer to walk into a store and see across the counter a picture of a dead fetus on a cigarette package? Is it in the…show more content…
This can no longer be a bitter mean mugged stare that is to be angry about, it's our societies fundamental rights to choose to do as we please and not be harassed for it. Making a billion dollar corporation advertise against themselves is a logical fallacy in itself. Will the tobacco companies win the lawsuit, maybe. Will the new advertisements make tobacco consumers quit?, probably not. The question remains whether or not the right of freedom of speech is being taken away, as well as our societies personal freedoms that are well intertwined within one another. How could a power so large persecute and torment its own citizens governed choice? We as citizens in American society have the extraordinary freedoms many can only conceptualize, so why victimize a group of people who are freely doing as they please? Government trying to control and mandate the nation's health is one thing in it's very own carteray. But putting emotional disturbing graphics on a product seems ridiculous and high school. If that being so, why not all warning labels have disturbing graphics of what could inevitability happen. The thoughts of mediocre conspiracies race through one's head when it appears that there is big government. I for one find great interest in political debate and foreign affairs, and as the presidential election is a year a way the government and media seem

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