Enrique 's Journey By Sonia Nazario

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Enrique’s Journey
In the book Enrique’s Journey written by Sonia Nazario, a projects reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Nazario talks about the true story of a young Honduran boy named Enrique that was abandoned at the age of 5 by his mother Lourdes. His mom left to the United States as an immigrant to work so she can be able to give her poor children a better living. After 11 years of tears, sadness and loneliness pass Enrique decides to go to North Carolina in search of his mother. Family is the central theme of Enrique 's Journey. By basing her investigation around Enrique 's story, Nazario explores the ways that immigration affects an individual’s family. Lourdes insistently believes that she is acting in the most responsible way as a parent by traveling to the U.S. for work. Though she initially makes the trip for her children, they immediately feel the heartbreak of separation beginning with Enrique who is asking where his mother is. Their whole notion of “family” becomes completely broken and will be seen later when the cycle continues with the family Enrique has created with Maria Isabella.

Characters in this book must make many difficult decisions in order to deal with their debilitating poverty. While growing up in Honduras, Lourdes glimpsed images of the U.S. on television as most young children in other countries do, and starting at a young age decided she wanted a piece of the so-called “American Dream” for herself. She was enthralled by what she saw, like…
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