Enrique 's Journey By Sonia Nazario

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Enrique’s Journey written by Sonia Nazario is a work of non-fiction that follows the journey of a young Central American boy to find his mother Lourdes, who left him at the age of five. Before Nazario introduces Enrique she discusses the experiences she put herself through to gain a better understanding of the travels a migrant child and adult go through in their conquest to make it to the United States. While going through the trials that many migrants put themselves through Nazario learns the stories of different migrants and begins her search for a migrant child to bring attention to their story and create awareness about the situation children migrating are enduring to find their mothers in the United States. Nazario traces Enrique’s steps to experience his full journey and to describe the details in depth upon writing about the journey Enrique took to find his mother in the United States.
Between 2001 and 2004 the estimated number of central American migrants that reported detained and deported, doubled to more than two thousand a year. Most of the migrants that leave their home in central America and Mexico have a set goal which is to find their mothers. “An estimated 1.7 million children live illegally in the United States, most from Mexico and Central America” (Nazario, Pg. 241). A study featured in the book from a Harvard University showed that “85 percent of all immigrant children who eventually end up in the United States spent at least some time separated from a…
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