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I never expected Enrique’s Journey to be such a personal work. Being a journalistic book, I expected a lot of research in it, but not to the level Nazario’s gone to. Definitely, the way she introduced herself into the enduring situations that migrants go through when they try to reach the US gave me a new perspective of what to expect from the book. She comes from a migrant family too, so she can sort of relate to the characters in the book. However, as she confesses herself, her journey was nowhere as arduous as what these children go through to find their mothers. And the way in which she involved herself into the situation increases her empathy for Enrique en other numberless children. She wanted the book to feel real. So, from the…show more content…
Going out in a journey with no idea of what might await further is an act of extreme bravery and perhaps, also, foolishness, that, nonetheless, is evidence of the level of the problem’s gravity. And as time passes, the situation isn’t getting any better. Still, dysfunctional factors, such as divorce and abandonment are pushing mothers to look for a way to find a better life for their children. The solution, many people think, is the United States. The number of illegal immigrants is increasing exponentially and though the demand for cheap labor is always high, there is now discontent from legal employees that are losing their jobs to cheap labor. This situation has created more pressure towards the government to fix the immigration issue. However, as aforementioned, it’s not a simple matter of sending people back to their country. The kernel lies in countries, like Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico and others that can’t sustain their workers with proper wages and living conditions. Due to the pressures to tighten immigration, the journey only becomes harder. Does it discourage people from engaging in such dangerous trip to the north? Unlikely. From the beginning, the people that go through these journeys hardly care about HOW to get there; they only care about getting there. Hence, immigrants suffer more and more and the real issue isn’t being diminished in the
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