Enriques Journey Essay

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Michelle Tulej Period: 2 The Boy and His Journey Immigration is a very dangerous and risky journey. Everyday immigrants try so hard to make it to the United States. This journey involves parents trying to support kids back home, families trying to start over, or kids trying to get to their mom; but some do not make it through this hardship. Those individuals, who make it, try like never before to support themselves and the family they needed to leave behind. Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario is a well written novel that uses many pathos, logos, and ethos examples. Each one of them is used effectively because of the way students are persuaded in believing there true. Elements from the quotes can reveal that Sonia is knowledgeable and…show more content…
Then later on, when they got to know each other, it hits Enrique that his mom left him; this causes him to start bad habits because the resentment grows. This shows that she interviewed him and found out how he felt about everything. Another example, the author sets out on this journey herself by taking the same path Enrique did. The author states, “Then I began to retrace his steps, doing the journey exactly as he had done it a few weeks before” (xix). Ethos is present because it shows credibility by saying she is going to achieve this journey herself. She is going to observe the areas that Enrique passed through on his way to the United States. Retracing this journey, Sonia Nazario realizes the bad conditions and how hard Enrique had to try to get across. By doing this it gave her even more knowledge on exactly what happens by experiencing it in a similar way. Furthermore, Nazario talks about how woman in Honduras live a very hard life. Sonia explains, “As I followed Enrique’s footsteps, I learned the depths of desperation woman face in countries such as Honduras, most earn $40-120 a month working in a factory, cleaning houses, or providing child care”(xxiii). Ethos is shown because the readers can tell Nazario has knowledge on the kind of hardships woman face during their life in Honduras. She knows they try their hardest to provide for their family. They sometimes do not get through living in these conditions so they head for the United States to send money
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