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STUDENT ENROLLMENT SYSTEM FOR HOLY FAMILY HIGH SCHOOL PRESENTED TO ENGR. RUDOLFO DOROMAL JR. PRESENTED BY SIMPLE, TRICIA MARIE VERDE, DINNEV VILLANUEVA, RUTH YBANEZ, MA. ALTHEA MARCH 2011 Acknowledgement The researchers would like to acknowledge the participation of the faculty, registrar and principal of Holy Family High School. The researchers would also like to extend their gratitude to the respondents during the data gathering. The researchers would like to acknowledge the resource person Engr. Rudolfo Doromal Jr. who guides in terms of the development of the thesis documentation. Abstract The purpose of this study is to fulfill a better system that will serve as a more reliable tool in registering and enrolling students in an…show more content…
It allows users to fill in the form and submit. It allows the administrator side to retrieve information. It can severely reduce the amount of duplicate effort required for multi-enrollees. It also allows users to view whether their information has been passed. However, the system is not web based. It cannot be altered or modified by the users. It cannot show the results instantly to users. Users may not remove or delete their information once they’ve been passed. 1.4 Significance of the Study 1.4.1 General Significance The study is significant for the innovation of manual ways of registration and enrollment to a higher-end technology. It is significant to the registrars, faculty and students of the institution that will use the system. The study is significant in many ways. It provides a clear definition of its functions. The study will define the advantages with the use of the proposed system. It will identify new possibilities that may help ease workloads. It will serve as an instrument to entice more people to recognize and use such system. This study will serve as an inspiration to the next generation of developers and programmers to continue the creation of efficient and reliable systems that will
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