Enron : A Model Of The Innovative Company

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Enron Enron began in July 1985, and its headquarters were in Houston. It started from a small regional energy supplier. However, Enron was dissatisfied with the traditional way of doing business, so it began to look toward energy security. Enron 's management believed that the creation of derivative securities market for any commodity was possible, so Enron developed energy commodity futures, options, and other financial derivatives. Energy deregulation brought this company great commercial opportunities. Enron was considered to be a model of the innovative company. Because of the deregulation, it became a trader of everything from oil and gas futures to weather derivatives. They took a new strategy by setting up a “gas bank”. Later, the generation of electricity forced Enron to explore new industrial customers for its gas. From 1990 to 2000, Enron largely expanded their oversea business. In 1994, Enron began buying and selling electricity. After Skilling became the COO and Fastow became the CFO of the company, Enron continued to implement dual strategies of expanding its trading activities and synchronously investing a lot of money in physical assets. Enron’s shares, in the late 1990s, had significantly outperformed the market even when the market fell. Maintaining the EPS brought Enron huge pressure to find new projects to invest. The chosen solution was to get some of the assets and related debt off the balance sheet. After Enron took series of actions, problems emerged

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