Enron : A New Company Essay

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In the earlier 1900’s after the decrease of government control within the activities of natural gas companies, Enron was born, a merger of two businesses, Houston Natural gas and InterNorth a Nebraska-based pipeline company. Later on during the big merger, the new company, Enron, accumulated tons of debt as a result of the deregulation, losing rights to their pipelines. With the debt, Enron researched new business strategies to survive. During that time Kenneth Lay, the chief executive officer of Enron hired McKinsey and Company, a management consulting company to help restore Enron. McKinsey and company assigned a young consultant named Jeffery to the rescue. Jeffery, with experience in banking assets and liability management, suggested a revolutionary business plan. Creating a gas bank in which Enron would buy from other gas networks of suppliers and sell to a network of consumers which granted the company both supply and price at which they wanted to sell it for.
Kenneth, impressed with the idea, created a new division in 1990 called Enron Finance corporation and hired the young talent to run that sector. Not too far down, Enron soon conquered the natural gas market. With this power, Enron had tons more access to supplies and more customers than most of its competition. They were also able to predict future prices with such great accuracy granting superior prices.
The young Consultant changed the type of business of Enron from a Natural gas business to more of a trading…

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