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Globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility - Corporate Culture and Individual Responsibility

1. Based on Alex Gibney’s film version of the rise and fall of Enron, do you accept Joel Bakan’s argument that the corporation shows “psychopathic” traits?

I agree with Joel Bakan, however, just partially about the corporation Enron showing ‘psychopathic’ traits. Yes there are traits that they were doing unethical actions that completely ruin many people life-long works and their lives; nonetheless, in my opinion, those actions were intentional. The executives at Enron were gambling intelligently, according to the movie, and take a risk so big that it was over their heads at the end, making it an absolute failure. The psychopathic
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At some point, Enron executives use the deregulation of Californian energy market to raise the price of electricity, getting other company to join in action and make skyhigh profits. At the end, all these illegal, unethical actions they had done snowballed and they could not stop because once they could not hide their debts, and government institutes started to suspect, they are left with nothing to protect themselves. They took a high risk road to profit, followed a strategy of ‘win at all cost’ so it will later come back at them. Throughout company’s history, its culture had been an unethical one, with staffs from executives to accountants to associated firms having joined in their strategies and performed underhand actions. The environment was set for them to success in their scams because they brought in people and company having the same mind set. As for personal values, they executives only cared about themselves and whoever on their side. The financial executive, like Fastow even stole money from the company for himself and it was 40 million dollars. They pocketed millions of dollars so they did not pay much attention to what would happen to their employees once this scam was taken out of the dark. After Enron bankrupted, their employees had nothing in return, not even pension money and shareholders, with the stock price of the company being lower than a sing dollar, lost everything. In conclusion, what happened at

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