Enron : Enron And Enron

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Enron was formed in July 1985 by the merger of InterNorth and Houston Natural Gas (Enron Fast Facts, 2015). Kenneth Lay became chief executive of Enron and he hired Jeffrey Skilling to look after the company’s energy trading operation (The rise and fall of Enron, 2006). Skilling’s plan was to be basically a gas bank where buys gas from suppliers for future years at previously agreed prices and sells the gas to its customers in advance to purchase at specified prices for future years. By doing that, Enron was able to make money just as a bank would (Thomas, 2002). After seeing the successful results, there was a new division managed by Skilling, Enron Finance created in 1990 to begin selling financial instruments. Enron next step was Enron Online divisions and again it was overnight success and handled $335 billion in online commodity trades in 2000 (Thomas, 2002). Enron used a practice known as “mark-to-market” to report for its book and mark-to-market accounting requires to revalue assets on the balance sheet that respond to the increased or decreased market value and reports the difference as profit or loss on the income statement (Thomas, 2002). Taking this as its advantage, Enron recognized profits on its futures that intended to be sold 20 to 30 years later with the price that is impossible to estimate and record the unreliable profits on its income statement. From the start of the 1990s until year-end 1998, Enron’s stock rose by 311 percent and increased by 56

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