Enron Smartest Guys On The Room

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The movie ENRON smartest guys in the room is about one of the biggest corporation corruptions in the United States. In 1985, ENRON Corporation, was a company that delivers pipeline for natural gas and electricity, while mergering with Houston Natural Gas and Internorth. ENRON quickly grew into a reputable company that generated enormous profits. In a short period of time ENRON was considered one of the top global trading company for natural gas, commodities, and electricity. According to the statistic; ENRON was the 7th highest revenue generator in the US. ENRON was known for their large 401k plan that included a lot of ENRON stocks. ENRON started as little of a few hundred employees to the upwards of 21,000 employees. ENRON was led by their COO Jeff Skilling who was very idealist. Mr. Skilling was the brain behind all the new ideas that generate billions of dollars in profit. CEO Kenneth Lay was the man who only cared about more profit at all cost. He could care less how it happens he just wanted it to happen. CFO Andrew Fastow was the key component to manipulating numbers to make the profit seem bigger than it was. Mr. Skilling was a brilliant man with many ideas that helped prosper ENRON to billions of dollars, but also caused ENRON to file for bankruptcy. Mr. Skilling carried many negative traits that was easily visible during the movie. Such traits, as the superego” the moral aspect of personality, much like the conscience. More formally, this division of the psyche

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