Enron : The Smartest Guy Essay

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There are some things money can’t buy, and integrity is one of them. Unfortunately, too many firms and corporations it would seem come to realize this past the point of no return. With Chief Officers in American businesses attaining super-star status and business, even political scandals becoming all too common it is in my belief that as we enter this seemingly shady and ambiguous business environment it is our duty to learn, understand, and extrapolate from these events. In recent American history the first and one of the largest of these scandals to come to mind would be the bankruptcy of Enron Corporation. If we apply and analyze the skills of a negotiator like Founder and Chairman Kenneth Lay, CEO Jeffery Skilling, and CFO Andrew Fastow it becomes clear how and why the actives of Enron were perpetuated for as long as they were. “This wasn’t about the numbers Enron was publishing, but rather it was about the people. This was a human tragedy” (Gibney). As expressed in the documentary, “Enron: The Smartest Guy’s in the Room,” the core issue of Enron’s deceit was not the amounts and figures they, their auditors, and their creditors were posting, but rather how these lies were tolerated by so many and how not a single person for so long never spoke out against such blatant lies. To grasp a foundation and background, first the documentary narrates the beginnings of the firm and its people. Of course Enron’s beginnings cannot be told without first discussing its founder,…
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