Enron : The Smartest Guys Of The Room Essay

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Introduction Enron was a Houston based energy, commodities and services company. When people hear the name Enron they automatically associate their name with one of the biggest accounting and ethical scandals known to date. The documentary, “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room,” provides an in depth examination of Enron and the Enron scandal. The film does a wonderful job of depicting the downfall of Enron and how the corporate culture and ethics were key to Enron’s fall. As the movie suggests, Enron is “not a story about numbers, it is a story about people.” Enron – A Brief History In 1985, InterNorth, a large energy and natural gas pipeline company acquired Kenneth Lay’s company, Houston Natural Gas, in an attempt to thwart a takeover. The newly converged company would later be named Enron. Kenneth Lay was named chairman and CEO very early on post-merger and is considered to be the founder of Enron. Enron’s troubles began very earlier on. Need to bring this paragraph to an end but can use this to add length to the paper if needed. Enron’s Corporate Culture Enron’s code of conduct defines the company’s values as being respect, integrity, communication and excellence. Looking back, these foundational values are laughable. Not only did Enron not stand for these values as a whole, but the top management almost conveys the opposite, except in regards to excellence, which was clearly the driving factor in many of their decisions. Enron’s corporate culture was comprised of
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