Enron's Ethical Dilemma

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Enron's Ethical Dilemma: Ethical and moral issues have received substantial focus in the modern society because of the recent cases in which huge corporations with big profits and earnings have faced bankruptcy. Enron is an example of corporations that have faced bankruptcy in the recent past because of the numerous problems it had with federal and state governments for manipulation of financial statements. While these problems are not only attributed to organizational issues, accounting firms are also blamed for such incidents. Enron's bankruptcy is mainly attributed to ethical and moral issues experienced by the firm's management and leadership in relation to preparation of financial statements. Even though Enron's heydays have come to an ended, the ethical dilemma provides lessons that will last long in light of corporate values and ethical issues.
Learning Objectives: Since Enron's ethical dilemma provides numerous lessons for the corporate world, especially with regards to corporate ethics and ethics, it also offers some learning objectives. The first learning objective for the case is to examine how leaders face moral and ethical dilemmas or issues i.e. lessons for corporate leaders and managers. Secondly, the case shows how systems thinking can be used to analyze organizational issues and develop appropriate solutions for the issues. Third, the case is used to demonstrate how questions can be used to stimulate thinking in order to address the underlying issue.
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