Enron's Ethics Code Of Enron

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Enron was once one of the largest companies in the world. After many years of using diverse accounting tricks, they finally had to file bankruptcy in December 2001 due to not being able to hide billions in debt. The top 140 executives got paid 680 million in 2001. (CNN Library, 2015). Kenneth Lay as the founder of Enron and Jeffrey Skilling as the chief executive were both convicted in 2006. (Weiss, 2009, p.28). Thousands of workers were left with valueless stock in their pensions which literally means they lost their life savings. This article focuses on Enron’s ethics code, Enron’s failure of top leadership, Enron’s corporate culture and Enron’s complicity. On the other hand, I will discuss the lessons I learnt from Enron case.
Keywords: Enron’s ethics code, Enron’s failure of top leadership, Enron’s corporate culture,
Enron’s complicity, lessons learnt from Enron case

Enron’s ethics code
Respect, integrity, communication and excellence are the ethics code of Enron. These four aspects have a crucial impact on business ethics. “Ethics requires respect. One cannot exist without the other. Ethical success depends on understanding the profound impact that respect has on your ethics and character.” As Mark S. Putnam said in his article “Respect: The Starting Point for Good Ethics”(2003), we need to make respect our obligation and show everyone a certain degree of respect. All the top executives did not show respect to the low level employees. The only thing…

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