Enslaved Captive is the Story of a Young African Couple Written by by Olaudah Equiano

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The story Enslaved Captive, by Olaudah Equiano was published in 1789, and tells the story of a young African boy who is kidnaped, taken into slavery and eventually arrives in the Americas where he is sold to a merchant there. Olaudah, who is portrayed as the young slave, explains in narrative the horrors that he and other fellow Africans experienced on their journey from Africa to American where they are meant to be sold and put to work. The article persuades the reader to see from the point of view of the slave, and to feel what they felt as they were taken from their homeland to be forced into physical labour in a strange new land. Olaudah Equiano was born in 1745 to the Ibo people of the Benin Empire, which was located along the Niger River. He was the youngest of the son’s, and was aspired to become chief of his village. Equiano’s family owned slaves themselves, but unlike what he endured in the story, they treated them like they were their own family. Slavery by what Equiano states was common among most African tribes, and the fear of being enslaved was widely shared among his people. This is exactly what happened, while their father and others in the village were working, two men and a woman came and kidnaped Equiano and his sister then fled into the woods. Equiano never saw his family again. Kidnaping like this were common with all the tribes. The abductors would wait till the moment when the children were left alone, then they would take them where they would be
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