Enslavement Disrupted the African’s Authentic Culture Essay

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There was a misconception that African people did not have any culture and they were not civilized. But they had a culture that was similar to that of the Europeans and other races. However it was interrupted when the Europeans decided to take them from Africa and transplant them in America as slaves. As a result, their authentic cultures were drastically changed from the way of life in their native Africa to life in the plantation society of the Americas. In this essay, I will attempt to show how the conditions of enslavement disrupted all dimensions of the African’s authentic culture. To aid in my analysis, I will be using the “Reid Culture Conflict Model” as a guide and also drawing upon the works of Olaudah Equiano, Venture Smith,…show more content…
According to him, “for every transaction of the government, as far as my slender observation extended was conducted by the chief or elders of the place” (191). The political system also consisted of judges and senators in addition to the chiefs and elders. Surprisingly there were no jails and the punishment depended on the crime committed. For example, according to Equaino, “Adultery was sometimes punished with slavery or death ….” (191). Africans did not have a high tolerance for cheaters as they were penalized severely.
The economic system of rural Africa was based mainly on agriculture. Equiano indicates that “Agriculture is our chief employment; and everyone, even the children and women are engaged in it” (194). The people planted and harvested their fruits and vegetables and hunted for their meat. In addition to farming, the women had additional roles. Equiano says “When our woman are not employed with the men in tillage, their usually occupation is spinning and weaving cotton, which they afterwards dye and make it into garments” (192). Africans also manufactured items. According to Equino, “of course we have few manufactures. They consist for the most part of calicos, earthen ware, ornaments and instruments of war and husbandry. But these make no part of our commerce, the principle articles of which, as I have observed, are provisions”

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