Ensure Of Hazards Are Identified And Adequate Controls

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Project Members: Nick
Project Objective: • Ensure that hazards are identified and adequate controls are implemented to minimise risk as far as reasonably practicable, and
•Ensure that WHS considerations are considered in all business planning
Date: 2/11/2015

Rating for Likelihood and Seriousness for each risk
L Rated as Low E Rated as Extreme (Used for Seriousness only)
M Rated as Medium NA Not Assessed
H Rated as High
ASC’s Risk Matrix – Determination of Level of Risk
Likelihood Consequence Negligible Minor Moderate Major Severe
Almost certain Low Medium High Very High Very High
Likely Low Medium High High Very High
Possible Low Medium Medium High High
Unlikely Low Low Medium Medium High
Rare Low Low Low Medium Medium
At the ASC, WHS risks can be placed in one of four categories: very high, high, medium or low as outlined below:
Very High Dangerous level of risk which is unacceptable and required to be controlled immediately. Access and exposure to the hazard is to be restricted until the risk can be lowered to an acceptable level. A hazardous task must not be undertaken if rated as extreme until review and approval by the Manager
High Unacceptable level of risk which must be controlled immediately. Control measures would involve eliminating, substituting, isolating or engineering out the source of the risk from the activity or equipment. The timeframe for the completion of at least one control to reduce the risk to low or negligible is within 24 hours. Hazardous tasks…
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