Ensure Team Effectiveness Project Essay

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Momi jeweler | Sandeep kaur std01943 | Aitt college | | Table of Contents 1 Name of the organisation 2 2 Your position 2 3 Type of position: 2 4 Organisation background: 2 5 Your role: 2 6 Action plan:- 2 7 Outcomes 3 8 Alternative process 3 8 IMPLEMENTATION 4 10 Budget allocation 4 11 conclusion 4 1 Name of the organisation: momi jewellery shop 2 Your position:- Team leader of distribution and warehousing. 3 Type of position: - frontline management position. Reason for your new position developed: - there are many reason for develop team leader of distribution and warehousing position. The one reason is that nobody there to work for this situation, to achieve their goals, completes the organisation’s expectations.…show more content…
environmentaland social factors. As a result a number of indirect factors have beenidentified and these have been taken into account in formulating boththe Strategy and Action Plan. 3The Actions have short medium and long lead delivery times. Each Action has been developed as aPracticalactivity, although some may be considered to be preparationfor future delivery. Where possible they build upon broaderinterventions already on offer to the business community from arange of stakeholders and providers. 4 Apprenticeship orImproversNetwork:-Identify those companies that would support andshare the cost of developing a network which enableda small number of apprenticeships to be awardedeach year and provided work placements forimprovers. Starters fund Establish small grants schemes to supportbusiness start-ups with access to equipmentand purchase of tools. 7 Outcomes 1 Improved understandingand focus on trainingavailable and successionplanning. 2 Raised awareness of thesector 3More new product andimprove turnaround times (reference=http://www.jewelleryquarter.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/jibss_action_plan24909.pdf) 8 Alternative process If these process will not working then we have to use alternative process so the person can perform well like forming, storming, norming and performing these are the necessary stages for team development. So there must be training process so the employ can learn properly and perform
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