Ensuring Freedom Essay

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Throughout the course of history, the aspect of freedom in the eyes of American citizens has been surprisingly ambivalent. With the creation of the Declaration and the Constitution early in our country’s lifetime, the element of freedom was undeniably sought. However, looking back at the loosely written intentions of this document, freedom can be assumed unfit for all. The Declaration, promising “that all men are created equal” (U.S. Declaration Ind.), began as a document causing nothing but civil strife from the voices of ill represented minorities. Beginning with a largely unequal society and moving forward with only slight progress, the American government definitely has strong intentions. However, though these intentions may be…show more content…
The complete disregard of African slaves in a pro-white society clearly indicates how unreliable the American government had been in regards to the most basic freedoms (Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness). In addition to a complete dismissal of racial equality before the thirteenth amendment had been added to the constitution, another area in which Americans have been denied their right to freedom can be seen during the enactment of the Sedition acts in 1798. This bill decrees that any citizen preventing a governing body or person from exercising their duty consisting of “threatening, counsel, advice, or attempt shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor” (1798 Sedition Act). This act, at the time, effectively suppressed the American freedom of speech— clearly specified in the first amendment. Although not put into effect by the entire American government, a plethora of state governments eliminated basic freedoms declared in the constitution around the 19th century as well. Arkansas’ constitution, written in 1874, is a prime example of a state document eliminating the freedoms of a certain people. They sternly exclaim, “No person who denies the being of a god shall hold any position in state office” (Arkansas Constitution Article 19). This abrupt discrimination of atheism can be linked to the idea of

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