Ensuring The Smooth Running Of Their Warehouses

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In today’s material handling industry, it is important for companies to ensure the smooth running of their warehouses. Warehousing is a vital part of the supply chain process and without proficiency in warehouses, optimum customer satisfaction cannot be guaranteed. Efficiency and organization is essential in every aspect of a business in order to gain competitive advantage. The purpose of this research is to highlight the challenges faced by warehouses that generally cause inefficiency and ineffectiveness and proffer solutions to overcome these challenges to allow future efficiency and consumer satisfaction in the long run.
A warehouse is a commercial building for the storing of goods. They are used by industries, importers, exporters, manufacturers etc.
Warehousing is an important element of activity in the circulation of goods, from raw materials through to finished products. It is an important part to the supply chain system within which it operates and as such its roles and objectives should match with the objectives of the supply chain.
Warehousing refers to the activities involving storage of goods on a large-scale in an efficient and orderly manner and making them available when needed. In other words, warehousing means holding or preserving goods in huge quantities from the time of their purchase or production till their actual use or sale. Warehousing is one of the important aids to trade. It creates time utility by linking the time…
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