Ent600 Blueprint

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2.1 Description of the Business and Products concepts

The blueprint is purposely to be a detailed written document that describes about revolution vision of smart printer into real, functioning, profitable and a relevant product. The goal of producing smart printer is to give solution for highly electrical bill problem faced by consumers. The chance on solving the rise of electrical bill is our opportunity pull which contribute to the invention of smart printer as we called it AiKAI Printer. AiKAI Printer able to reduce the electricity consumption by using solar energy directly or to charge its build in battery, portability design which enable user to carry it anywhere, and the most desired feature of all is
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Energy storage concept applied to MoRuS is meant by less consumption of energy used to store energy in this device. MoRuS device has been set up to have stored its energy in a 1500mAh battery. This means, this device still can run without power supply by using charged energy supplied from the battery. The application of MoRuS is easy just plug the suitable cable and place MoRuS to wind source. There’s led light which indicates is charging or completely fully charged. There are also options to plug and charge the MoRuS using conventional power source until it is full. Next concept of MoRuS is to have a larger battery capacity in smaller size which means it can be used to charge more frequent.

2.3 Unique Features

MoRuS has several outstanding features that can grab customer attention. The highlight of this product is the printer use clean green energy. MoRuS is able to convert wind energy into electrical energy and stored it in the power bank. We managed to keep this product as safe as possible; this will reduce the chances of this product to malfunction due to overcurrent. Most of the wind charger that available in the market, the cover is made from plastic only but MoRuS cover is made from light durable plastic with anti-shock features which will protect the component inside and will appear more elegance to customer eyes. Besides, the other advantages of light durable plastic with anti-shock features are good
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