Enter Achilles Essay

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Enter Achilles Lloyd Newson Enter Achilles automatically triggers, to an audience, the connotations of the Achilles heel or Achilles tendon which from Greek mythology has gained the label as area of weakness. However, Enter Achilles was initially an idea provoked by Lloyd Newsons own experiences. In the early 1980’s Newson injured his hamstring and Achilles tendon in a ballet class he was taking. Whilst hospitalised only Newsons Female and homosexual friends came to visit him and show their worry and concern. This consequently led Lloyd to do some reading into male sexuality and male femininity. He was intrigued by the interaction of men to other men and how heterosexual men find it extremely difficult to express their feminine or…show more content…
The basic premise for the piece is built around a night down at the local pub. It focuses on many issues associated with and around the working class man around the time of Thatcher’s Britain. During the 1980’s the accepted Patriarchal society was starting to diminish. Women started to take up a larger role in the household and formulate strong opinions for themselves to move away of its traditional 20th century span. This piece explores the notions of these working class men, how men interact and express emotion to one and other and popular culture of the 1980’s. As a viewer the piece can feel at times like a fly-on-the-wall documentary following and depicting the lives of these ‘average’ stereotypical men on an emotional journey on a night at the Pub. Issues such as homophobia, Pub culture, sex, voyeurism, violence and the football culture of the time are all conveyed throughout the piece making the whole an eclectic mix of themes and issues of which people can relate. The movement in the piece is more stylised and physical theatre than “clearing the space for set routines” (anon. teachers resource pack, EA). There are a lot of pedestrian gestures built into the choreography. Newson has tried to make the piece seem as close to real life as possible without getting to the stage where it is just viewed as a dance piece and nothing more. Also the inclusion of mime helps to make the piece more diverse
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