Entering Into The Classroom : Understanding Of Literary Elements

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Entering into the classroom, I began writing a unit based on the different learning styles and IEPs present. Overall, I felt the unit went really well, especially after reviewing the student 's scores and unit goals. Although a few students did not meet the unit goals, this was either due to attendance or simply not doing the task, not a disconnect between the literature and required tasks.
For this group, I added more handouts and individual work than I normally would due to the learning constraints in the room. After several attempts to have students work in groups, I learned that they simply cannot work in a group setting well. Several times, I had to improvise for students who were gone a lot due to sports, sickness, etc. However,
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At first, the students and I discussed what universal patterns meant and how they 're depicted throughout literature. Next, we used the symbolism in the novel to assess how these objects represented the world as a whole. Students connected the characters and their dreams to more than just the simple meaning; they connected the novel to their own lives. In the end, most students found a character to connect with and understand from a new point of view.
The third enduring understanding arose at the very beginning of the unit, one lesson in the middle, and one lesson at the end. At first, students assessed their own American Dream and how that related to the time period in which the novel was written. At first, students struggled to make a connection between the two worlds due to have vastly different they are, but towards the end of the unit, students appeared to make connections to the bigger picture of it. Throughout Of Mice and Men, the characters discuss their own American Dreams, which students quickly caught onto. During the middle of the unit, the students wrote about how the characters American Dreams differed from their own and how realistic the dream was. However, once this dream falls apart at the end of the book for the characters, the students felt sorry for the characters and also reassessed their own dreams. Some students seemed slightly discouraged, which led me to encourage them to dream higher and realize the opportunity that people
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