Entering Into The Classroom : Understanding Of Literary Elements

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Entering into the classroom, I began writing a unit based on the different learning styles and IEPs present. Overall, I felt the unit went really well, especially after reviewing the student 's scores and unit goals. Although a few students did not meet the unit goals, this was either due to attendance or simply not doing the task, not a disconnect between the literature and required tasks.
For this group, I added more handouts and individual work than I normally would due to the learning constraints in the room. After several attempts to have students work in groups, I learned that they simply cannot work in a group setting well. Several times, I had to improvise for students who were gone a lot due to sports, sickness, etc. However, students clearly saw the connections between the enduring understandings and focus standards.
Student Learning-
Enduring Understandings:
-Literature captures universal patterns that reflect the human experience across time.
-Figurative language enables a reader to gain deeper understanding of literary elements (theme, plot, character development) through use of symbolism.
-The American Dream has been reinvented as more individualistic than before.
Throughout the unit, the students and I went through the first enduring understanding. However, we quickly learned that in regards to the book, one cannot separate the first two enduring understandings. Especially while reading Of Mice and Men, Steinbeck uses figurative language to capture…

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