Entering The Halls Of Education

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I decided to enter the halls of education because I work well with a controlling and leadership title and, being controlling, I decided to use that into good energy. Another reason I have decided to go into the field of education as well is to make myself more marketable after graduation. Other than that, I wanted to be in the setting of adolescents because I have had my experience with early childhood education and did not want to stop at that level of teaching. My experience of four years in an early childhood environment has taught me a lot about patience. However, when it comes to that age group I have realize that that age group is very threatening. For instance, if a child plays very roughly when his/her classmates and gets a minor scratch or burse, I have witnessed parents accuse the teacher of abusing their child, when nothing of that nature has happened. So because I like my freedom (in terms of not going to jail) I have chosen to move up the education latter and teacher something that I believe needs greater attention in today’s America.
During my adolescences I encountered a selected few of good teachers and many bad ones. The bad ones that I have encounter were those that had one student(me) missing the lesson in order to always help a foreign student that did not speak English and needed help to understand what was going on. I only agreed to help because I was a talkative child and it was an excuse to make a new friend and talk during class. In my years of
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