Entering The Social Work Practice

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Question 1: Entering into the social work practice provides the basic but detailed three phases of initiating treatment. The helping process starts its phases off at one which as stated follows exploration, engagement, assessment, and planning. These beginning phases follow the start of the clients treatment with identifying the basic problems and necessities that need/should be met by the end of treatment. An identification of trust must be established between the client and the social worker. A basic assessment is drawn up on the client and mutual goals agreed between both parties are included within the assessment. Lastly any and all referrals are made to further treatment that will benefit the client. A prime example of the movement…show more content…
This can be done by the client spending money for bills on something they wanted and did not need, in turn causing the client to miss paying a bill. Finally at Phase III (termination) the client has finally reached the end of treatment and their services with you. A final overview is done between the social worker and client to identify that all of the goals that were originally planned out in the beginning have been met. As well as putting forth a plan of action to keep the client from falling into old patterns, and helping them to see identifying clues that first started these actions. This could be helping the client with their budget and reminding them of how they can keep to it with paying bills first and using leftover money for fun later. Lastly ending the client to professional relationship that has been established, and wishing them the best as they go on their way. Also realizing though they may see you out in public, and to keep the work they have done together just as that in the past. A very useful tool that is initiated at the start of Phase I is the interviewing process, in which the social worker goes through a small process of interviewing the client on full background information which may come in handy during the plan
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