Entering The Social Work Practice

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Question 1: Entering into the social work practice provides the basic but detailed three phases of initiating treatment. The helping process starts its phases off at one which as stated follows exploration, engagement, assessment, and planning. These beginning phases follow the start of the clients treatment with identifying the basic problems and necessities that need/should be met by the end of treatment. An identification of trust must be established between the client and the social worker. A basic assessment is drawn up on the client and mutual goals agreed between both parties are included within the assessment. Lastly any and all referrals are made to further treatment that will benefit the client. A prime example of the movement of Phase I would be for a client who has recently lost their job this could be due to downsizing of a company and they are now in danger of losing their house and not being able to afford food. As this client enters it is imperative to understand why they are coming for assistance, and to try to establish what other underlying concerns may be present other than the obvious no income and food. Placing the client in the right area for job searches and even putting them in connections with job related assistance such as Manpower. It would then be imperative to delve further into the client to see if they have any need for counseling for depression. The necessity of getting the client the right referrals and making unanimous goals known as to…
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