Entering the Pet Hotel Market

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1. What product attributes and benefits could an upscale hotel provide a pet owner? Are these the same product attributes and benefits provided by an upscale kennel? Many people now days consider their pets to be a part of their family. Whenever possible they would prefer to take their pets along as opposed to leaving them with someone or putting them into a kennel. Some of the best luxury hotels have come to welcome pets. At Marriott, pets are treated to the same outstanding service as human guests. No matter the reason for traveling, guests can rest assured that your furry friends will enjoy a relaxing, comfortable stay in their pet-friendly accommodations. (Marriott 2013) Sarasota's only luxury beach hotel is also the only one in the area to offer upscale accommodations with a pet-friendly attitude. Cats and dogs are welcome, provided that the pet is less than 20 pounds, fully-trained and appropriately restrained by the owner. The hotel has dedicated the 2nd floor for pets. There is a dog walk available on property. The product attributes and benefits that an upscale hotel can provide to a pet owner would not only be centered on convenience, but luxury for the pet and owner. Upscale hotels focus on great service and high-quality items. They can focus on-site grooming with organic / biodegradable pet products and a full pet spa. Organic and attractive treats inside the hotel room and a high quality, durable toy for the animal at check in. But the focus
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