Enterocci Research Paper

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Recently, E. G. Simmons Regional Park in Hillsboro County, Florida was issued a warning due to high levels of enterococci bacteria being found in the water. As a recreational park offering fishing, swimming, and camping, this is a serious problem. To understand why this is such an important issue, it must first be understood exactly what enterococci bacteria is, and the health risks that elevated levels of these bacteria can pose. Enterococci bacteria are fecal bacteria often used to measure the pollution levels of water. A.M. Hammerum, a scientist at Serum Institute describes enterococci bacteria as completely normal. Enterococci bacteria live not…show more content…
Furthermore, A. M. Hammerum suggests that the antibiotic resistance of enterococci may contribute to antibiotic resistance in other bacteria (2012 p. 619). This means that those individuals most likely to become infected such as persons with compromised immune systems or small children and the elderly can become severely ill either from initial exposure to enterococci or from a different bacteria that has had its antimicrobial resistance boosted by enterococci.
Regardless of the commonality of enterococci in everyday life, elevated levels pose a serious health risk. An outbreak in bacterial illness from recreational waters will cause parks to miss out on visitors and lose income, as no person wants to go somewhere that is known to cause illness. Further investigation into ways to quickly lower already elevated levels of enterococci bacteria in water and sand must be done
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