Enterococcus Faecalis Case

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a)Bacterial inoculum preparation (isolation and culturing) (95,97): - A pure standard Enterococcus Faecalis strain (ATCG 29212) was isolated and sub- cultured in blood agar plates and incubated at 370c for 24hours. - A pure single E.faecalis colony was isolated from the cultured plates and gram stained to confirm the colony growth under microscope.(Fig.12) - The isolated colony was then inoculated with nutrient broth and incubated again at 370c for 24hours in anaerobic conditions. The bacterial growth was checked by changes in the broth turbidity. - A standardized suspension of turbidity adjusted spectrophotometrically to 0.5 Mc- Farland units , equivalent to 1.5x108 colony forming units / milliliter (CFU/ml).(Fig.13) b)Infection of dentin
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