Enterprise Architecture : Business Architecture

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Enterprise Architecture IA-3
Here are a few enterprise architecture risks provided by Regine Deleu,
• Stakeholders have no understanding of enterprise architecture, and therefore will not support it. This happens when the stakeholders don’t participate in the enterprise architecture program. Another reason can be that the enterprise architecture artifacts are not used in projects, and as a result management questions its value. A solution is to educate and communicate the value of enterprise architecture to all stakeholders prior to the start of an enterprise architecture program. (Richard, 2013)
• The “ivory tower” enterprise architect approach. With this approach you run a high risk that most stakeholders will not buy in. The primary job of an enterprise architect is to lead the EA process rather than to impose the content on the organization. Form an architecture board which governs the implementation of the enterprise architecture and is a representation of the key stakeholders in the architecture. (Richard, 2013)
• A chief architect who is an ineffective leader. They may understand EA well but lack leadership skills that even a good organizational structure and staffing levels cannot overcome. This results in a chaotic architectural design, lack of progress or clarity of direction. The best solution is to replace such a lead architect by someone with strong soft skills such as enthusiasm, communication and passion, as well as being well respected and strategically…
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