Enterprise Architecture Framework Maps All Of The Software Development Process Within The Enterprise

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Introduction “Enterprise architecture framework maps all of the software development process within the enterprise and how they relate and interact to fulfill the enterprises mission.”[1] Frameworks are conceptually created to eliminate conflicts in the development phase. An easy transition and systematic architecture are essential functions to process an enterprise. The following paper discusses TOGAF in detail, along with DoDAF and FEAF. TOGAF is the most common enterprise architecture used globally to enhance business efficiency. It meticulously consists of business, application, technical, and data architecture. [1] According to the open group, TOGAF is built from an earlier framework (TAFIM).[2]TAFIM was initially derived from the United States defense department. The new conceptual and elaborated version on TAFIM (TOGAF) is easier to comprehend, broader, developed to reflect a larger population group and flexible to work with other enterprises. Some of the limitations mentioned in a research design include, 1. Although it’s well designed and structured, it does not give a ‘concrete guidance’ to architects. 2. TOGAF acts more along the lines of a guidance tool, rather than a modeling language or a quality management system. 3. “It is also wordy, and not consistent with meta models.”[1][2][3] The US Federal Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council established the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework4 FEAF was developed in requirement to the federal agencies, and
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