Enterprise Architecture Proposal

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Bachelor in Information Technology Program U10a2 Enterprise Architecture Proposal for Ralph’s Ribs For IT3200, Section 05 Rolando Rueda-de-Leon Submitted 9/17/2010 Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Analysis of the existing foundation for execution 4 Organization Chart 5 Definition of the Operating Model for Ralph’s Ribs 5 Business Process Standardization 6 Recommended Process Standardization 6 Comparison of Operating Model 6 Core Business Applications 7 Proposal for an Enterprise Architecture 11 IT Capability 12 Business Strategic Objectives 12 Funding Priorities 13 Key Management Capability 13 Business Core Applications 13 Key IT Governance Issues 14…show more content…
While this is a good opportunity to build a business and has a lot of potential Ralph has hired an Enterprise Architecture Consultant to provide a solid Business Model which will allow for more consistency and will provide a foundation for more growth in the market. The Consultant will research the company, how it currently operates and will identify areas where business process standardization would provide benefits to the organization. Organization Chart for Ralph’s Ribs Ralph is the owner operator of Ralph’s Rockin’ Ribs. He runs it solely with his two sons; Ralph Jr. and John. Ralph Jr. and John spend a lot of time traveling to ensure that the individual franchise owners are keeping the agreements set forth in the franchise documentation. It is important to Ralph that each site maintains the high quality food, cleanliness and quality customer service that has become his brand. The chart below depicts their current organizational chart. Definition of the Operating Model for Ralph’s Ribs Key Factors | Specific to Ralph's Ribs Franchise | Few Shared Customers | Customers are the same type of people and will in some cases be the same as people vacation across the country. | Independent Transactions Reported at High Level | Each franchise will monitor its own transactions but will
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