Enterprise Architecture Proposal

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Submitted December 4, 2011 Description The organization I have selected is the company I work for, CMH Systems. The core functions of this business are Therapy, Counseling, Placement, and Job skills to name a few. This is a Mental Health Organization that compiles and disburses many services, including Doctors, Prescriptions, Hospitalization, and Housing of Mentally or emotionally challenged individuals. Protecting client information is essential. The integrity of such information is critical. We are currently in an affiliation with other CMH agencies and service providers across the state. I chose this agency because it is evolving so fast. IT is involved in every aspect of this organization and keeping abreast of changes are a…show more content…
The way we are currently conducting business is that we are completely different entities, and we have no direct recourse over what goes on there. The reason for the change in design is vital to the way we conduct business now and has a definite impact on the future. I propose the agencies come together in one coordinated model. Reasons being, although we have separate management we serve the same general population. As the governing body, we are ultimately responsible for data integrity and state mandated reporting. At this point, in our business, we collect data separately and the individual IT staff of each unit is responsible for the extraction of date, once collected it is sent to us for submission to the state. Due to the different collection methods involved, we are presented files that need to be corrected each month. In order to eliminate the process of double duty we need to implement the coordinated model. • steps recommended to achieve an operating model Implement and maintain a private vpn between agencies. This allows for a continuos connection for the transmission and reception of data. The data collected would allow our IT staff to export necessary data for submission. Train the staff involved in the proper methods of extracting files required by the State. Staff will become consistent in submitting the necessary files along
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