Enterprise Data Analysis And Visualization

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Enterprise Data Analysis and Visualization: An Interview Study ABSTRACT Organizations rely on data analysts to model customer engagement, streamline operations, improve production, inform business decisions, and combat fraud. Numerous analysis and visualization advanced tools available for analysts to work, but there are little research goes on how analysis happens in companies. To better understand the enterprise analysts’ ecosystem, we conducted semi structured interviews with 35 data analysts from 25 organizations. Based on our interview data, we characterize the process of industrial data analysis and document how organizational features of an enterprise impact it. We describe recurring pain points, outstanding challenges, and barriers to adoption for visual analytic tools. INTRODUCTION: The researchers conducted semi-structured interviews with 35 analysts from various sectors. They asked analysts to walk them through the typical tasks they perform, the tools analysts use, the challenges they encounter, and the organizational context in which analysis takes place. In this paper, we present the results and analysis of these interviews. The respondents are well-described by three archetypes. We find that these archetypes vary widely in programming proficiency, reliance on Information technology (IT) staff and diversity of tasks, and vary less in statistical proficiency. We describe how collaboration takes place between analysts. We find that analysts seldom share
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