Enterprise Holdings And Corporate Social Responsibility

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Enterprise Holdings started as a car leasing business in the basement of a St. Louis dealership in 1957 with Jack Taylor as its founder. Enterprise prides itself on exceeding the customers’ expectations by building relationships one step and promise at a time. Enterprise Holdings task itself in the common mission to be the best transportation service provider in the world. To exceed customer expectation for service, quality, value, to provide employees with a great place to work and to serve the community as a committed corporate citizen. Outlined above Enterprise Holdings mentioned serving its community and this is why this case focuses on Enterprise Holdings CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Enterprise Holdings have over 83,000…show more content…
Proposal dates would be set and in effect as of May 21st, 2016. Proposed changes to Enterprise Holding corporate social responsibility focuses on a shift in its global greenhouse gas emissions, energy and paper usage. All three factors contributes alarmingly to an increase which negatively affects the Earth’s atmosphere and most of all the people in it. With its energy use over 30 percent, greenhouse gas emissions over 35 percent and paper usage edging over 50 percent the necessary plan is to reduce these issues and make Enterprise Holdings exceptional with its corporate social responsibility in the United States and overseas. The business I chose to write a change proposal for is Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I chose this organization because of a few reasons. First, I am a current management intern at an Enterprise location. Second, I wanted to choose a company that is well known and has a long history of success. Enterprise was founded in 1957 in Clayton, Missouri. Since its formation, it has steadily grown to become the largest rental car company in North America. The company has more than 5000 locations across North America, and is poised to dominate the rental car industry long into the future. We will also come across how Enterprise has used and is still using concepts from our management textbook to maintain their continued success Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an
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