Enterprise Resource Planning : A System Packaged Business Software System

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Enterprise Resource Planning is a system packaged business software system that allows an organisation to automate and integrate the majority of its business processes, share common data and practices across the entire organisation and produces and access information in a real time environment. Cloud–based ERP benefits customers by providing application scalability and reduces hardware cost. Cloud computing technology makes customers build an internal cloud to reduce ongoing hardware costa while maintaining greater control over the integration and require local access to their data server. The Return of enterprise solutions: The Directors cut (Accenture, 2004) report shows that to achieve benefits from enterprise solutions executive must start acting like movie directors and less of a producer. Executive in these companies viewed their role as bringing together and overseeing the necessary resources needed to build a new competency. The research reveals that substantial benefits are realised only when organisation creativity takes the raw components, claim them as its own and directs them to meet its unique business vision. The organisation seeking to capture the original promise of enterprise solution, this would mean that one must be integrated, optimise and informate. First, integrate. This should be unify and harmonise enterprise solution, data and processes with the organisation should be unique in the environment and the system should be used in a better way to connect
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