Enterprise Resource Planning ( Erp ) Essay

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP), when implemented successfully ,can be linked to all departments of the organization to access, share and collect information. It has many functions such as, order administration, manufacturing, human resources, financial systems, and customers into a tightly integrating system with sharing data and visibility and distribution with external suppliers. (Injazz, 2001).

“ERP” is a system is important in the field of businesses because it is uses hardware and software to help staff members in a company and need to access and collect information in different departments also in a different places. (Magal, 2012). ERP organizes and shares all the data, and it is an easy and fast way to find specific information by using the server, and software, such as SAP and ORACLE. (Bradford, 2008).

According to Ray, 2011. There are many terms for characterizing ERP system, "Enterprise Resource Planning" independently. Firstly, Enterprise (E), is a company that has an arrangement of common aims. Secondly, Resource (R), is Resources there might be in the framework of human resource, workforce, capacity of machines, plants and warehouses, storage resources. Companies might face this challenge to finish the old merchandise to get the benefits of these resources effective for finding the best possible value for stakeholders for example, its employees, shareholders. (Ray, 2011). Finally , Planning (P), For successful use of resources, an
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