Enterprise Resource Planning ( Erp ) System

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a software package or one integrated system that is designed to institutionalize the collection and sharing of organizational data resources (Klaus et al., 2000; Mabert et al., 2003; Wang et al., 2008). Since this kind of systems allows inputting and outputting information and the information could be shared across the whole organization in time, companies all over the world are now utilizing the ERP systems to improve operational efficiency (Davenport, 1998; Klaus et al., 2000). Although the researches about ERP systems have aroused much concern globally and lots of studies were focusing on how to deploy ERP systems successfully, many recent reports and researches reveal that the real situation about the implementation of ERP system is not as good as expected. It has been pointed out by Motwani (2002) that the successful ERP project rate in China is unpleasant, which is only around 10 percent. The factors influencing ERP implementation are hard to be determined. Ke and Wei (2008) have argued that the success of deploying ERP system is positively related to organizational culture. Morton and Hu (2008) examined the fit between the characteristics of organization itself such as organizational structure and success of ERP implementation. Ifinedo (2007) found that organizational size, culture and structure are positively linked to ERP system success. A correct selection of ERP vendors is also another factor contributing to the success
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