Enterprise Resource Systems for Kroger

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Enterprise Resource Systems and Kroger

Anne-Marie Hughes
Caroline Sawyer
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Adam Jesse
In business, it is important for companies to be able to communicate effectively. Each department of a company relies on the other departments as they add to the value chain. One way for a company to integrate its different departments is enterprise resource planning. ERPs are software programs that allow companies to join together data across operations on a company wide basis (Jessup and Valacich 248). ERPs store company information in a common database and allow all departments to access it from one central location (Koch). Companies without ERPS may contain many legacy systems, each operating with different
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ERP Systems at Kroger
Kroger uses a number of ERP systems. The first major ERP system Kroger uses is the self-checkout systems. Kroger hired Fujitsu Transaction Solutions to be the sole strategic partner for these systems which are now implemented in most Kroger stores. The next ERP company is PurchasingNet-SQL who Kroger hired in 2000 to streamline its purchasing processes of new store equipment and store refurbishing projects. In few words PurchasingNet-SQL implements an eProcurement system. This system automates approvals and budgeting processes, sends e-mail updates, separates stock requisitions, tracks inventory levels in warehouses, and matches invoices to purchase orders and requisitions to ensure accurate accounting. This system is especially critical because of the numerous retail outlets that all need to be in contact with the single purchasing department. A third company that offers its services to Kroger is the Sterling Information Broker. Kroger is using Sterling to help become more cost-effective and efficient with its trading partners. Kroger with Sterling can exchange electronic documents with essential trading partners including customers, suppliers, freight carriers and financial institutions.
Kroger seems fairly cutting edge as far as technology is concerned. However, some improvements can be made to their existing ERP systems. Kroger relies on numerous IS companies. I recommend consolidating and using a single company for all
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