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This essay will discuss Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) implementation, specifically in the factors which can leads that ERP implementation to successful and unsuccessful ERP implementation. The difficulties in the ERP implementation had made the ERP become major research when talking about ERP. In what are the key factors that can result in successful and unsuccessful of ERP implementation. By collected all the necessary resources we are be able to discuss more about ERP and the key factors in that in order to make the final conclusion for ERP. In the end the successful and unsuccessful are affected by several factors that explain in this essay. INTRODUCTION The development of the people these days had an affect in the…show more content…
ERP will help the business to run in the efficient ways. However this all benefits can only be achieve through the successful ERP implementations, in some cases there is some evidence that prove there is an unsuccessful ERP implementations. ERP IMPLEMENTATION Implementing an ERP system is generally an extensive challenge, the performance of the firm will get worse before it gets better and firms are expected to encounter the resistance throughout the stages of ERP implementation (Ross, 1999). Further more, Ross (1999) conclude that there are five steps in implementations of ERP such as design, implementation, stabilization, continuous improvement and transformation. In design steps this where the companies choose to change their current ERP software. While in implementation is the step where they have to know how to use the new systems and commit with the new system. In stabilization is the step for the people in that business to adjust their self in order to able to use the new system. The continuous improvement step is where they add more function in their new ERP system. In the transformation is the final step where they transform the company to fit the new system such as by changing the business boundaries. So basically implementation of ERP is critical as before moving to the further step they need to cover the success and failure of ERP implementations.

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