Enterprise Resources Planning ( Erp ) Essay

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Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) is the core system of any company. In order to facilitate all departments in a manner to improve issues, there are a few things that must be meet to successfully utilize a software system such as ERP. This allows any member within the company to access a single and centralized data source with information regarding products, services, customers and suppliers (Sadrzadehrafiei, Chofreh, Hosseini, & Sulaiman, 2013). The ability to share and access one software benefits the company to improve in areas such as sales and marketing, customer satisfaction, human resources, operations, and more. In addition, business intelligence tools such as ERP systems provide the techniques and solutions managers need to analyze and understand complex business situations, and simplify decision making processes that is of crucial importance during times of financial and economic crisis (Antoniadis, Tsiakiris, & Tsopogloy, S. 2015). This paper explores the definition and functions of an ERP system and the successes and costs of implementation. ERP system is defined as an enterprise-wide set of management tools which balances demand and supply, containing the ability to link customers and suppliers into a complete supply chain, employing proven business processes for decision making and providing high degrees of cross-functional integration among sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations, logistics, purchasing, finance, new product development and human

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