Enterprise Resources Planning Implementation Of Manufacturing And Public Sector

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Abstract (Summary) The purpose of this paper is to research and discuss issues and challenges related to Enterprise Resources Planning implementation projects in Manufacturing and public sector. Examples from over organisations were also used as a lot of the main people issues are related to many organisation implementation of Enterprise Resources Planning systems. This paper focuses on the issues and challenges associated with people/users of an organisation. Before that an overview and definition of ERP is provided. The issues and challenges discussed are fear of change and resistance to change, engagement of users in the implementation phase, role changes, knowledge and no/limited training. Solutions and recommendations are provided to…show more content…
OVERVIEW OF ERP In today 's competitive environment, organisations need to be reformed to get competitive advantages. The most efficient and effective way to achieve this goal is to introduce a new information system (IS). Chen et al (2012) One of the big systems is enterprise resources planning which is an application software which has a broad set of activities supported by many modules that integrates all business processes and data into a single system which helps businesses keep track and access to all their daily data. Jalal, a (2011) ISSUES & CHALLENGES There are many issues and challenges in implementing an ERP system for the first time or even upgrading from an old ERP system. One of the biggest challenges with an ERP system change is getting the everyday user to accept the change and adapt to the new processes as quickly as possible. A big reason why user adoption to the ERP is difficult is because the users fear and resist change. Markham, Webb, (2012) Another reason is user’s engagement at the design and implementation phase. A study by Stephen Gourlay at Kingston Business School (2010) found that the previous mentioned challenges were the two biggest challenges users faced when adapting to ERP implementation. They noted that end-users can often be
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