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MARKETING PLAN for entertaiment youth club I. Executive Summary This marketing plan was designed for a entertainment club , which is a small, cozy, family owned club specializing in authentic and traditional acoustic jazz music. In addition to the music and the upscale atmosphere, youth club’s offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages and appetizers. This plan outlines in the following pages, a renewed vision and strategic focus of what it will take to run a successful and profitable entertainment youth club’s is one of the only clubs in the KL area to consistently offer "live" music six nights a week, which gives it a competitive advantage and leaves plenty of room for it to grow in this relatively small market.…show more content…
As a result of this pay reduction, entertainers have been forced to pre-record part or all of their performances and eliminate musicians. In addition, the rise in popularity of Karaoke Bars has also negatively affected the amount of money spent to hire live musicians because hiring a DJ to entertain a club is cheaper than hiring a live band. And finally, many companies nationwide have reduced their general overall budgets in anticipation of the recession that seems imminent in our economy. 3. Political Forces There are no expected political influences or events that could affect the operation of youth club 's at this time. 4. Legal and Regulatory Forces While each state 's drinking age is considered a factor in the amount and type of business a club might receive, there are no current proceedings in the state legislature to change KL 's legal drinking age from twenty-one years old.this club liquor license renewal is also critical to the success of the club. Other considerations which could affect youth club 's future are the strict zoning laws, which is a small, quaint, business district situated right off of the Indian River intercoastal waterway and State Road 520. This type of historic area is typically difficult with regards to building permits and all of the various city codes that

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