Entertainment And Media Industry Of Australia

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Introduction: Culture, Entertainment and Media Industry of Australia is one of the bigger industries of Australia. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, Media & Entertainment alone contributed $7.6 Bill to GDP for the year 2008-09 (Cuthbertson 2014). Starting from the advent of TV in 1954, Australian population has developed acute interest in home entertainment. This report is to carry out a product market research for STAN which is a new product to be launched in the market. Industry Insights: Consumers in Australia also have access to some of the latest technology in entertainment industry for instance Pay TV, Digital satellite broadcast as well as streaming over the internet channels. Many of the initial players like 9 Network and7 network have all modernized their network to the latest Digital formats (Australia on Net). Players like FoxTel provide pay TV services which are high definition content with many leading channels from around the world as well as Set Top Box service which help consumers to record/rewind their favourite channels at their discretion (FoxTel). Serving some of the immigrant as well as expat population are players like Jadoo Tv, BTV etc. which provide medium quality channels of many different countries over the internet connection. Their pricing model is different from the rest of the industry. They charge on a one-time investment on the Set Top Box and do not charge on monthly basis. According to Australia Bureau of Statistics, there
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