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Entertainment and News      News coverage, whether by television, radio, the internet, or newspaper must be selective, selective not simply in which stories it reports but in how it presents them as well. The media is incapable of providing a rundown of everything that has transpired in a day. Therefore, editors, reporters, etc… decide what will go into the reports. Equally important, reporters are still human beings who, in spite their good intentions, occasionally succumb to anger, jealousy, anxiety, impatience and other emotions that could cloud their objectivity. They belong to large, complex organizations that have their own diverse, often conflicting, goals and needs. So, to report a story…show more content…
Money is their number one concern. Television news must compete with each other because of ratings. Ratings determine advertising prices. Therefore, the news must give the people what they want rather than what they need. For example, Jessica Dubroff was the youngest person to fly across America. The media only granted her a few lines and sound bytes of coverage. However, after her plane had crashed and she, her father and pilot all died, she was the headline of every news agency. The news agencies are not completely at fault. They are just giving the people what they want.      Television news is in the convenient position of being able to influence people when they are most vulnerable. “A photograph from the first moon landing, transmitted electronically back to earth, shows the American flag planted on the moon’s surface. Lets say it was taken in a cave in Kentucky where the conditions where set to give the illusion that the flag was planted on the moon'; (Roshkill and Carrier, 6). During the time of the space race America was trying to do anything to be first on the moon. The viewers would not of questioned media and the media not question the government regardless. Just as the Cuban missile crisis, the media did not question the government. The news media has so much power but they must conform to what the people want. Rushkoff states that
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