Entertainment For The 21st Century : Xbox Live

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Reimaging Entertainment for the 21st Century: Xbox Live Sometime between 2011 and 2013, Microsoft went through a series of large programming changes in order to streamline the services provided by their company, and likely in order to better appeal to a new generation of customer whom like everything they do to be easily accessible: convenient. This combining of many different information systems into one included bringing their gaming system: Xbox Live. Because there were so many different systems that were combined, different people will call today’s system different things: Microsoft Live, Microsoft Account, Xbox Live, Windows Account, Windows Live, etc. (Microsoft, 2015). The reason for this system: To allow Microsoft end-users…show more content…
There are elderly, college students, professionals, blue-collar laborers, Kmart shoppers and Gucci shoppers, “tweens”, kindergarteners, skaters, runners, bikers, mechanics, bioengineers, brain surgeons, and gamers who make up the regular users of Xbox Live. There is no set and single “group” of people, and no certain organization, that utilize this information management system. It would be like trying to decide a single entity that uses Amazon Prime or I-tunes Music. One does not even have to be all that tech-savvy to use it. If a person can use a remote control, they can use Xbox Live. Back in 2010, when the first real Xbox Live Service was started, it was one hundred percent gamers, as that was the only use for the system back then. Now, over 40% of usage on Xbox Live is non-gaming related, people using the system for many other things it is now designed to offer (Wilhelm, 2011). Features and Usage of the System According to Taylor Soper of GeekWire, in his 2014 article, “Xbox Live Gold membership no longer needed for Netflix, Hulu, other apps”, Xbox Live gives users over 170 different things they can do when they are logged into the system! That includes all of the different gaming and non-gaming related applications and services run through the system. Every user can sign into the service with their own unique gamertag, new and fancy nomenclature for a user name. By doing this, the service can identify what your
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