Entertainment In The Victorian Age

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Introduction The present world of entertainment production is unlike what was conceive in the past. Giddens believed that the world we live in today is filled with intense puzzling revolution that differ vastly as compared to the numerous generations altogether. Today, entertainment is readily available at our finger tips, ranging from computers, iPads and even right down to our smartphones in our pockets. However, things are very diverse back then, before the dawn of the internet and the Information Age, society would have experience entertainment in a distinct manner. “Most entertainment in the Victorian Age however would have taken place on Sundays and on political and church holidays such as Christmas Day, Shrove Tuesday or Guy Fawkes Day. Majority of the citizens would have been villagers and entertainment would be comprised of football, skittles, quoits, wrestling, and prize fighting. Gambling would take place as well as less civilised activities such as badger or bear baiting, cock-fighting and bull running. Workers would take days off for major sporting events in the region, especially for horse racing.” Rose too suggested that Britain in the 1800s would have enjoyed entertainment in a musical form including soap operas and took musical lessons such as piano and violins for the upper class; it was the start of the Romantic Movement. The art of paintings and the practise of painting are too, part of the classical entertainment. However, he too suggested that
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