Entertainment in the Fifteen Hundreds

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In the past, people created their own entertainment without the use of technology. All what people did was work, come back home, and work more or write. They did not have electricity to provide light, instead they used candles. When they gathered around at a feast or banquet people told stories to each other ,they also sang to each other. Some people even read for fun. People watched people die for fun too. Today we rely on technology for our entertainment; we wait for the ‘next big thing’. “Technology has become the great equalizer of the entertainment industry”, Chris Jordan once wrote. Entertainment in the 1500s was extremely different compared to today’s entertainment. The different types of social classes had their own type of fun too. The most popular entertainment was mostly sports, theaters and dancing during the 1500s. Sports were very popular and played a lot back then, we still even play some of them today. History on the NET said, some of the most common sports that are still present today include, Fox Hunting, Sword Fighting, Leaping and Throwing the Sledge Hammer. Fox hunting is obviously hunting foxes; sword fighting might seem odd today or not even be counted as a sport. Commonly they are used in movie films, video games, and for enjoyment. Leaping is when someone tries to jump over or on a bull, Throwing the sledge hammer is when two players throw a sledgehammer the farthest and whoever does wins. Sports are always going to be popular no matter what.

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