Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance Essay

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At the request of the Huffman Trucking Maintenance Department, Smith Consulting developed entities and attributes for their Fleet Trucking Maintenance database. Unfortunately, the creator of the database was not available and the development of the database system was not able to be completed. D Team realizes that the development of a reliable database system is needed to provide for the tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for their fleet. Therefore, a database along with forms, tables, queries, and reports that tracks information gathered by maintenance records, inventory of parts and purchases from vendors is proposed. Huffman Trucking desires to advance and make certain that maintenance is performed and tracked for…show more content…
The coming maintenance of a vehicle should also trigger an event to ensure that the parts anticipated to be needed for that maintenance are on hand. If the anticipated parts are not in inventory, then an order should be recommended by report or automatically initiated. Based upon the original content provided by Smith consulting, a database design was obtained by first analyzing the key subjects, entities, and attributes. The key subjects are the following: Parts Inventory Purchases, Parts Inventory Issues, Parts Catalogue, Vendors, Parts Purchasing History, Vehicle Maintenance, Tire Maintenance, Maintenance Descriptions, Vehicle Types, Vehicles, and Maintenance Work Orders along with several entities to support each of the subjects. The tables were then normalized to third normal form (3NF). Accordingly, each of the tables will be joined by a series of primary and foreign keys thereby creating relationships among them. This approach will allow the design to be broken into smaller pieces, thus focusing on one entity at a time. Eventually, these smaller designs were merged into a cumulative design for the entire database. If this project is not implemented, it will not be possible to automatically share data for each of the trucking hubs. Parts ordering and settlement will continue to be done in an inefficient and decentralized way. Parts inventory will not be able to be shared between hubs and maintenance schedules will be inconsistent between hubs. There

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